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T.W. Heim Jr.
IT Consulting
39 West Del Rio Drive
Tempe, Arizona 85282
OpenVMS®, UNIX, Windows
System Management
Server Consolidation and Migration
Process Control
Manufacturing Automation
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Member HP Developer & Solution Partner Program (DSPP)

If you call it VAX/VMS, OpenVMS VAX, OpenVMS AXP or OpenVMS Alpha, if your particular version was provided by DEC, DIGITAL, Compaq or HP, with almost Thirty Years experience I have worked on it and supported it.

My extensive knowledge of OpenVMS started with the first and continues to the present day and latest commercially available versions of the operating system.

My wide-ranging experience includes writing and maintaining Multilingual Applications (FORTRAN, C, PASCAL, etc.) for Distributed Processing, Networking and basic Data Communications in various Manufacturing, Engineering and Scientific Applications demonstrating a strong technical background utilizing the OpenVMS Calling Standard and OpenVMS System Services and Libraries. I have also written and implemented OpenVMS device drivers and kernel-mode code.

My expert OpenVMS server support and administration services have included: OpenVMS Clusters, Digital TCP/IP Services, and OpenVMS disk technologies ranging from early StorageWorks to current Fibre Channel controllers and Host Based Volume Shadowing, emphasizing disaster-tolerant configurations.

My leadership responsibilities have included performing primary Project Management functions for a variety of project teams. I serve as the Chairperson of the Encompass (formerly DECUS) Local User Group (The Cactus LUG) and actively participate on the board of the Encompass National OpenVMS Special Interest Group. I also serve on the OpenVMS content team for the HP Technology Forum.

My IT Compliance skills include FDA (CFR 21 part 11), Six Sigma/Lean and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).

  • Need help with OpenVMS?
  • Need customized OpenVMS services, support or solutions?
  • Call on my professional M2Y services: "VMS, It's What I Do!"
Need updates but what you need is very specific to your business best practices so you know it will never get into any future release and you do not have the budget to hire the staff of engineers it would take to implement such a change within your regulatory constraints?
  • For PROMIS code management and modifications within the regs give me a call.
  • Are you having performance problems with your PROMIS implementation on OpenVMS give me a call.
  • Want to migrate your PROMIS implementation to the latest OS version or upgrade your hardware then give me a call.
  • Do you want to consolidate your OpenVMS solution to a smaller footprint with faster storage give me a call.
Past Experiences Included:
  • PROMIS software support including source code management with CMS and modifications to enhance performance and include in-house specific customizations written in FORTRAN, C and C++.
  • AutoSimulations software support. APF Administration, Reporting, and Activity Manager.
  • Global OpenVMS System Management. Primarily eight Global AlphaServer clusters with a variety of StorageWorks subsystems including HSJ CI, HSZ SCSI and HSG SAN hardware. These systems provided primary and secondary PROMIS environments for production of semiconductors.
  • System Management responsibilities have also included AlphaServer/VAXen cluster and HSG SAN hardware, Apache Secure Web Server and Compaq Secure Web Browser (Retired HSJ StorageWorks and OSU Web Server).

BONUS: As a registered Microsoft Partner, Microsoft and Intel Developer and AMD and Intel system builder "I do Windows".